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Submissions/College Students' Perceptions of the Wikipedia-Assignment Experience

From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA

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College Students' Perceptions of the Wikipedia-Assignment Experience
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Mona Ibrahim, Ph.D.
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Concordia College
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The internet plays a major role in society today. Students first learn about many topics that they are curious about through online resources such as Wikipedia. Learning in today's internet-dependent world necessitates the use of new pedagogies that appeal to the new generations of students and that allow them to be responsibly engaged in the world by contribute meaningfully to the existing online resources. Many college psychology instructors have recently joined the Association for Psychological Science’s Wikipedia Initiative by having their students expand Wikipedia articles in order to offer students assignments that fit their interests and to ensure that Wikipedia represents their disciplines more fully and accurately. While anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that the Wikipedia assignment has positive outcomes, few studies have been conducted to formally assess its impact and its effectiveness. This presentation will describe how a Wikipedia assignment was integrated into a psychology course to replace the traditional major paper typically assigned in such courses in order to, on the one hand, improve coverage of psychological topics on Wikipedia and have students contribute meaningfully to this important online resource, and, on the other hand, to help students appreciate the ongoing nature of learning and the value of the peer review process. Thirty seven students worked on significantly expanding and improving nine different Wikipedia articles over a period 15 weeks. A survey was administered at the end of the academic semester in order to capture and quantify students’ perceptions of the experience. The survey yielded both qualitative and quantitative data on the perceived benefits of the Wikipedia assignment across multiple domains and on ways the Wikipedia assignments could be improved. The findings from the survey will be summarized and discussed in the presentation. These findings suggest ways for educators to more effectively plan Wikipedia assignments in their courses. The findings also suggest ways for the Wikipedia community to attract and support more new Wikipedians and to ensure that they become life-long contributors to this ever-expanding online encyclopedia.
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Research, Analysis, and Education
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25 Minutes
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