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Wikipedia in Academic Libraries
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Cate Calhoun
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Auburn University
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Use of Wikipedia is frequently discouraged by university professors and academic librarians alike, particularly librarians who are teaching strategies for information literacy. However, despite these warnings against Wikipedia’s potential unreliability, students still go to Wikipedia as their first stop for academic research. In lieu of continuing the fight to keep students away from Wikipedia altogether, it seems wise to consider its value as a research medium and focus instead on teaching students strategy to use it successfully.

Wikipedia can serve as a launch pad towards many excellent resources thanks to links embedded within the articles as well as the often substantial list of references at the end of articles. Students should be encouraged to use information from Wikipedia for research purposes so long as they also consult the links and references, not only to verify the information but to find their way more deeply into the network of information surrounding their chosen topic. This presentation explores the positive attributes of Wikipedia as a tool for students just beginning their research. It looks at means of instruction to help students learn to use Wikipedia successfully and effectively rather than merely steering them away from its use altogether. Additionally, it explores the possibility of students taking initiative and making Wikipedia their own. Should they come across inaccurate or incomplete information, this is their opportunity to contribute to the network by updating the Wikipedia article and providing additional citations on their own. Finally the presentation encourages a dialogue among academics to explore other possibilities that Wikipedia can be used as a teaching tool, can supplement a particular college or university’s current library resources, and can contribute to instruction in information literacy. This forum offers an opportunity to learn how academics, both professors and academic librarians, can make Wikipedia work for them rather than against them and to do away with the notion that Wikipedia is the “enemy” overshadowing legitimate research.

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