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From Wikimania 2012 • Washington, D.C., USA
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Unexpectedly, Wikimania 2012 saw a tremendous upsurge in submissions for talks related to Semantic MediaWiki - usually there's one or two, but this time there were 19. (!) I'm guessing it's due to four things: a much higher number of submissions in general (2-4 times higher); the beginning of the Wikidata project, which may bring SMW to Wikipedia; the fact that Wikimania is in Washington, D.C. (a relative hotspot of SMW usage); and a general marked increase in usage over the last few years. For my own personal reference, here's a list of all the SMW-related proposals this year.

UPDATE: talks that were accepted are bolded.


Specific implementations:

Spinoff technology:


Also, there are some proposals related to data and MediaWiki, but not relating to SMW:

And finally, submissions related to the Semantic Web or "Linked Data", but not related to MediaWiki: